Services at The Abbey

The services in Milton Abbey are scheduled for Fridays, approximately at fortnightly intervals. Each service will start at 6.30pm and finish by 7.30pm, with refreshments following. These services will be accessible to all: committed Christian and enquirer, regular church member or irregular / non- attender, all ages, etcetera. You will be most welcome.

Date Style and Theme* Principal Passage** Refreshments***
1st September Service: 'It all starts here...' Genesis, chapter 1 Coffee & Brownies
15th September Café style: 'The Earth is the Lord's' Psalm 24 Elderflower & Savouries
13th October Service: 'Sin, Guilt & Acquittal' Romans, chapters 5-8 Coffee & Apple Tart
27th October Café style: 'The Reformation Solas' Various Wine & Cheesy Bites
10th November Service: 'Love, Light & Life' John, chapter 1 Coffee & Cake
24th November Service: 'Good News for all' John, chapter 3 Mulled Wine & Finger Food
8th December Café style: 'In my Father's House' Service Luke 15 & John 14 Coffee & Mince Pies
19th January 'Faith, Grace & Service' Ephesians, chapter 2 Wine & Mini Bites
9th February Café style: 'Prayer' Matthew, chapter 6 Coffee & Cheesecake
16th February Service: 'Life in the Spirit' Galatians, chapter 5 Wine & Pringles
9th March Café style: 'Temptations: Christ's & ours' Luke, chapter 4 Coffee & Cake
23rd March Service: "It is finished" John 19 Coffee & Hot Cross Buns

The series of Friday evening talks involves the examination and exposition of some of the most important and formative Biblical passages.

*There are two styles to the Friday evening gatherings:

'Services' will contain some recognisable liturgical elements 'Cafe style' services will also incorporate discussions and Q&A, where appropriate.

All Friday gatherings will be fully power-pointed, Illustrated and projected.

** Each Friday has a title and a principal passage; the talks will mainly be based on the passage and only secondarily on the title. That said, the theme emerges from that passage.

*** The provision of simple refreshments following the services will be laid on for those who have time to linger. Catering details may change from the published particulars.

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