The Milton Abbey Heritage Trust is committed to the protection, restoration, educational interpretation and development of The Abbey, St. Catherine’s Chapel and the surrounding Capability Brown landscape as buildings and land of historical and architectural importance.

Conservation projects

The following images are from display boards installed in the Abbey to give some idea of the work already completed and presently in hand. A very real benefit to the Abbey, community and visitors from the gifts and donations we have gratefully received.

Conservation Work


The regular heating and cooling of the lead of the roofs, gullies. Gutters and downpipes in sunshine and shade summer and winter causes the lead to crack and water seeps through.


The constant movement of the lead puts a strain on the thin glass causing cracks and breaks. The moisture within the building condenses on the cold windows and mildew grows cutting down the light.

Conservation Work
Conservation Work


Pools of water on the floor coming from the ceiling and up through the floor cause the tiles to move and become discoloured with deposits of limescale.

Walls & Ceilings

Rainwater penetrating the stonework of the walls through faulty pointing and coming through the roof provides moisture for the algae to grow and discolour the stone.

Conservation Work
Conservation Work


Overtime the earth moves causing the drains to crack, become blocked or come apart leaking water under the floor.


When the floor was lifted, and the drains uncovered we found all sorts of things beneath. Some items were deliberately covered, but others may have been dropped by accident. Those of importance have been saved for future display.

Archaeological Finds