The Milton Abbey Heritage Trust is working to provide learning opportunities for all ages through imaginative and innovative interpretation of its rich History and Heritage.

Summer 2019

Last year, our Saxon Exhibition and Family living History Enactment days have proved very popular with adults and children alike.  They experienced the various elements of Anglo-Saxon Life, The Age of Heroes, Weapons of War, The Might Majesty and Terror of the Warrior Kings, Landscape and Farming, Language, House and Home, Food and Drink, Clothing, Art and Jewellery, Transport, Trade, The Status of Women, Marriage, Children, and Health and Hygiene.

We also featured the influence of Anglo-Saxons on literature, TV and movie entertainment today, bringing to life King Athelstan’s Dream and probable reasons for his gift of the original Minster at Milton resulting in the Monastic Milton Abbey community and the spectacular Abbey today.

Displays of costumes demonstrated the types of garments worn in what was known as the Dark Ages (the period of time after the Romans left Britain and before the Battle of Hastings in 1066). Some dressing up clothes including tunics, dresses, jewellery, belts and hats were available for visitors to try on and immerse themselves in the history of the time.

Thanks to specialists in Viking and Saxon history educationalists The Longship Trading Company, there was also an array of both Viking and Saxon artefacts, weapons and armour displays plus replicas of archaeological finds like the Jorvik helmet, Sutton Hoo helmet and a Vendal Helmet from Sweden. Most of the exhibits could be handled and tried on by visitors.

There were also coin dies for those who would like to make a copy of a period coin to take home. Children were shown how, prior to the modern era, coin dies were manufactured individually by hand by artisans known as engravers.

Other activities taking place across this free weekend in the living history village included a working kitchen set-up displaying Saxon foodstuffs with working fire pit; an apiary display (without bees) with a skep (domed basket) as well as candle and wax production; various soft crafts, such as tablet weaving and embroidery; a Lord’s tent and a green-wood working set-up, with shave horse and pole lathe, the famous Hildsvin raven and a two tame wolf hound dogs.

Given the enthusiastic response to this trial event we are looking closely at ways to create a similar experience for 2019.

Work in progress for 2019

We are presently working on creation of a Virtual Curator and Learning Portal for launch in 2019. This will provide web access to learning and teacher resources and interactive visitor information and interpretive features to help those of all ages enjoy fun ways to experience the Abbey, its rich Heritage and spectacular landscape.

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