The Benedictine Companions of the Abbey at Milton

We seek to bless our communities by growing together in the spirit of the rule of St Benedict. “Attentive to God and God’s Creation”

Benedictine life

Obedience: Benedictines seek to do God’s will, seeking the good of others before their own.  This is a free and freeing choice, which seeks to develop humility and a readiness to change.

Stability: St Benedict recognised that we often run away from challenges, he emphasises the importance of facing challenges from others and within ourselves in pursuit of the truth, love of God  and love of our neighbour.

Conversion: following Jesus is a process of deepening relationship and transformation of life.  St Benedict envisages a practical, deep, lasting evolution as we become the people and community God intends us to be, ultimately preparing us for the life of heaven.

Prayer: Praying the office is the primary task of the Benedictine, setting aside time, energy, space for meeting with God.  The prayer is the work and through that our work becomes a prayer, until we “pray without ceasing”.

We seek to bless our communities by growing together in the spirit of the rule of St Benedict. “Attentive to God and God’s Creation”

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Becoming a Companion of the Abbey at Milton

The Benedictine Companions

Our aims

  • To collaborate with the Abbey at Milton Chapter and their communities in making the Abbey a place of encounter with Christ for all
  • To be a dispersed Benedictine Community, centred around the Abbey at Milton
  • To be a “light touch” community, incorporating both enquirer and experienced, for life or for a season (RB Pro:46 “nothing harsh, nothing burdensome”)
  • To be a “heartbeat of prayer” within the Abbey, our communities and the Diocese of Salisbury
  • To enrich the communities in which we live and work
  • To encourage and resource one another as the Companions
  • To be inclusive of people: mixed age, mixed gender, from a range of Church affiliation, background, tradition etc
The Benedictine Companions

Our rule

We have a common rule of life which we personalize and review as we journey with God.

With the help of God, I seek:

  • To pray the daily office (What, When, where)
  • To support my fellow Companions (gatherings, in prayer, online)
  • To deepen my discipleship of Christ by confirming my life to the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict (reading rule, Benedictine writing, retreat in Benedictine house)
  • To enrich the communities in which I live and work (family, neighbourhood, workplace)
  • To be a blessing to my local Church (Worship, service, financially etc)
  • To review my Christian journey annually (with whom?)

We also each have a copy of the Daily Office used in the Abbey, to help us at home.

The Benedictine Companions

What we do

Foundations of life at the Abbey

  • Daily Office at 12.30 pm on Skype
  • Weekly weekday Eucharist for the life of the Companions held in St Catherine’s Chapel and on Skype
  • Quiet Days
  • Welcome to pilgrims
  • Services for large groups
  • Prayer Station

Foundations of life outside of Abbey

  • Online virtual community
  • Daily office

Possible further developments to life at the Abbey

  • Summer Chaplaincy
  • Forest Church
  • Labyrinth

Possible further developments to life outside of the Abbey

  • Benedictine approaches and values in business
  • Attentive prayer for children
  • Attentive prayer for teenagers
  • Pastoral listening
  • Daily Bible study

We are always pleased to meet and talk to people who like to find out more about our way of life, and who may want to explore whether God may be calling you to join us.