Milton Abbey Historic Church and There But Not There

Milton Abbey Historic Church and There But Not There 150 150 Milton Abbey Church and Landscape

Milton Abbey Historic Church and There But Not There, the 2018 Armistice project for the charity Remembered.

Why Milton Abbey is supporting this very special nationwide commemoration.

When Milton Abbey heard about There but Not There we immediately wanted to be involved as a quiet and beautiful location, a former home to Benedictine monks and somewhere people from across the South West could gather and remember the sacrifice of those who took part in the First World War. At this iconic North Dorset location we have very close links to the forces with Blandford Military base near by and there are long associations with families, residents from neighbouring villages and visitors to the Abbey who come here to remember those who have served and gone before them. With the installation of four six foot high Tommies in the space around the stunning Damer Memorial inside the Abbey we are able to offer a space for reflection and contemplation.

In fact There But Not There sits particularly well with the Benedictine values of Service and Community. In serving others we meet Christ and grow in love of each other: “People are not to pursue what they judge best for themselves, but instead, what they judge is best for others.” And Community: We grow as individuals through a life of inter-dependence. “They should each try to be first to show respect to the other, supporting with the greatest patience one another’s weaknesses of body or behaviour”.

A short video introduction to There but Not there