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Our vision is to communicate to visitors the scope of the heritage and history, together with the architectural and cultural assets of the Abbey, St Catherine’s Chapel and its unique landscape.

Milton Abbey and its pastoral setting have been the basis of a sequence of remarkable visions for more than a thousand years:

  • Saxon King Athelstan founded Milton Abbey allegedly in gratitude for a vision there portending future victory in battle. King Athelstan came to the hill where he later established the tiny Chapel of St Catherine. He prayed for victory against the Irish, Scots and Vikings – which he subsequently achieved, becoming the first King of all England; and so, from here England can be said to have been formed, with laws and language which are the foundation of our nation today.
  • The Benedictine monks envisioned a Christian England, establishing monasteries of great beauty and spirituality – like that at Milton.
  • A succession of private owners after the Dissolution of the Monasteries preserved the abbey church and estate and, as part of the vision of one of them, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown transformed the landscape context of the estate in the 18th century.

However, these singular visions ceased in 1932 when financial circumstances resulted in the breakup of the estate. Its place as the heart and soul of a great entity was lost.

The Milton Abbey project, for the first time since 1932, seeks to re-establish an integrated master-plan embodying a single vision. It is not possible to return to the days of single ownership of the estate, but it is practical to establish a partnership which delivers a unified project reflecting a corporate vision. Most importantly, this provides the opportunity for huge benefit locally, nationally and internationally – in keeping with the quality of the buildings, their unique presence and their origin as the cradle of Christianity in Wessex and one of England’s finest structures.

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